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Since 1981, SYNERGISTICS Research Corporation has been the leading provider of syndicated consumer and small business marketing research intelligence for the financial services industry. We specialize in examining timely issues related to credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, checking and transaction accounts, loan and home equity credit products, savings and investments, and insurance, as well as delivery systems including branches, telephone call centers, direct mail, ATMs, and online banking and innovations.

Featured Projects

The Role of Alternative Financial Providers

  • Check Cashing Centers, Payday Lenders, and Online Players
  • Competitors or Partners?
  • Specialized Services, Prepaid Cards, and Secured Cards
  • Key Finding from a Recent Survey: Nearly one-fifth of consumers have purchased a general-purpose prepaid card for their own personal use.


Revitalization of the Consumer Credit Market

  • Cards, Lines, and Loans
  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Consumer Education and Debt Management
  • Key Finding from a Recent Survey: Four in ten consumers have felt some degree of negative impact from the credit crisis.